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Stephen King

Answer these questions about Stephen King and his works.


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#1   What is King's birthdate?

#2   What is King's first published novel?

#3   Which of the following is a pseudonym (pen name) of King's?

#4   Which book has Paul Sheldon as the main character?

#5   Stephen made his first professional short story sale to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. What is the title of this story?

#6   King is a lifelong fan of the Boston Red Sox. In which of his stories does a former Red Sox team member appear as an imaginary companion to the protagonist?

#7   At which hotel was King staying when he wrote "The Shining?"

#8   King likes to star in some of the film adaptations of his stories. In which film adaptation does he appear as the minister at a funeral?

#9   Marvel Comics has teamed up with King to adapt which of his series into a comic?

#10   How many children do King and his wife Tabitha have?




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