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What do you know about this 2 legged, egg laying animal that we call the chicken?


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Created By:Dontrelle


#1   A male chicken is called a _____.

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#2   A female chicken is called a ____.

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#3   What is a baby chicken called?

#4   What kind of food do female chickens produce?

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#5   What is one of the biggest fast food producers of fried chicken?

#6   What does KFC stand for?

#7   When someone is afraid of doing something, people tend to call them a ''chicken''.

#8   Chickens have lips.

#9   Dr. Seuss wrote a children's story "Green Eggs and Ham". Is it true chickens can lay green eggs?

#10   Chickens can lay eggs that have more than 1 yolk in them.




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