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Women of History I

Women's History Month is celebrated in March in the U.S. Can you identify the famous women described in this quiz?


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#1   I rode through the city of Coventry, with only my hair to cover me, to protest the taxes levied by my husband.

#2   I was queen of England for nine days.

#3   I was the first African-American to win an Academy Award.

#4   I allegedly killed my father and stepmother in 1892 with an ax.

#5   I was in love with Marc Antony, and I was killed by a snake.

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#6   I was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize.

#7   I am a controversial figure today. Some say I was a prostitute, but others say that I was married to Jesus.

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#8   My diary, which describes 25 months of hiding from the Nazis during WWII, is still read in high schools across the U.S.

#9   I was part of a famous crime duo. My partner and I went on a murderous crime spree from 1932-1934.

#10   I heard voices telling me to free France from the English. I cut my hair, dressed in a man's uniform, and led my troops in the Battle of Orleans.




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