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Another "LOST" Quiz

This is another quiz about the show "LOST". Can you answer these questions correctly?


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Category:Television > Drama
Created By:Juicey77


#1   Where was Oceanic Flight 815 taking off from?

#2   What is the name of the person that Ben takes his orders from?

#3   What is Desmond's girlfriend's name?

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#4   What is the name of the first woman they find that is "trying to rescue" them?

#5   What does Kate call her son?

#6   Who does Sayid go to see after he has been shot?

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#7   What is the nickname that Sawyer calls Kate?

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#8   In the end of the third season, what happens to Charlie?

#9   Who does Charlie talk to on the radio?

#10   What is the underwater facility called that Desmond and Charlie swim to?

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