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How much do you know about this show?


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Category:Television > Drama
Created By:Creamy_Suga


#1   Which sister falls in love with Cole?

#2   What is their mother's name?

#3   Chris comes from the future in order to keep Paige from becoming evil.

#4   Piper names her first son:

#5   Who takes away the sisters' powers when they were younger and why?

#6   Which one of the sisters died in season three, and who was their long lost sister that reconstituted them?

#7   Where were Leo and Piper when they got the powers of Hindu spirits?

#8   Who got married because of a spell that Billy cast?

#9   What is the order of the oldest to the youngest of the Halliwell sisters?

#10   What is Phoebe's favorite movie?




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