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The Price Is Right!

C'mon down! You're the next contestant on "The Price is Right"!


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#1   Who created "The Price Is Right"?

#2   It's time for Plinko! What is the maximum amount possible to win with this game?

#3   In what year did "The Price is Right" start?

#4   When Bob Barker was the host, what message did he usually say at the end of each show?

#5   After the retirement of Bob Barker, who became the new host?

#6   Before she became famous, which of the following celebrities was on "The Price is Right"?

#7   In order to win a showcase, your bid must be closest to the actual retail price without going _____.

#8   "The Price Is Right" is the only game show that Bob Barker ever hosted.

#9   What is the maximum amount of money to win in "It's In The Bag"?

#10   How much money do you need to 'buy the car' in "Lucky Seven"?




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