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Video Game Characters

Test your knowledge of random video game characters in this quiz.


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#1   My brother is Luigi, and I am a plumber. Who am I?

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#2   I try to cross the busy streets to get to my destination, and I am green. Who am I?

#3   I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and I work for the newspaper as a photographer. What is my first name?

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#4   I am a mutant with the ability to heal myself from wounds. I also have "claws" made from adamantium. Who am I?

#5   I have three turtle brothers, and I was raised by a rat. I am skilled with swords, and have a blue bandana. Who am I?

#6   I am a hedgehog known for my speed. Who am I?

#7   I am round and pink. I have the ability to swallow people. Who am I?

#8   I am yellow and have the ability to use thunder and lightning to my advantage. Who am I?

#9   I am a primate and am also known as DK. What does the 'D' stand for?

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#10   I am the bad guy in the "Mario Party" games. My shell has sharp spikes. Who am I?




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