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We aren't talking about the beauty of sunsets or sunrises in this quiz. Instead, you will be tested on how well you remember bits and details of Stephenie Meyer's first installment of the "Twilight Series". If you have not read the book, please do not take this quiz. Good luck!


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#1   On the cover of "Twilight", there are two hands holding an apple. In this book, what is one of the two times that an apple is mentioned?

#2   What is Bella's full name?

#3   Bella's mother, ____, married ____ after divorcing ____.

#4   In the beginning of the book, Bella Swan moved from _____ to _____.

#5   What was Edward's last name before he became a vampire?

#6   Edward was born in the year of ____ and has stayed the same age of ____ for decades.

#7   Jessica, Mike, Angela, and Ruby are Bella's friends.

#8   What is Jasper and Rosalie's last name?

#9   What brand of car does Edward drive?

#10   Mike thinks that when Edward stares at Bella, it is as if Edward wants to...

#11   What type of house does Edward live in?

#12   What kind of car does Bella drive?

#13   Edward sneaks into Bella's room and watches her sleep at night. What does he observe?

#14   Edward is an excellent driver. However, when he leans over to kiss Bella, how much does he swerve?

#15   Bella was bitten, but how was she saved from becoming a vampire?

#16   Alice had cancer circulating through her body, mutating her into a vampire.

#17   What is the title of the book following "Twilight" in this series?




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