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"A Different World"

How well do you know this song?


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Category:Music > Country
Created By:RiddleMeThis91


#1   Complete the lyrics. "We were born to mothers who ______ and drank."

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#2   The lyrics are, "No child proof lids, no radios in cars."

#3   Complete the lyrics. "Rode bikes with no _______ and still here we are, still here we are."

#4   Complete the lyrics. "We got daddy's belt when we'd _______."

#5   The lyrics are, "No video games and no satellite."

#6   Complete the lyrics. "It was a different ______ when we were boys and girls."

#7   The lyrics are, "Church always started the same every Sunday."

#8   Complete the lyrics. "Not every kid made the _____ when they tried."

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#9   Complete the lyrics. "No _____ water, we'd drink from a garden hose."

#10   Complete the lyrics. "And every ______, all the stores were closed."

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#11   How many times is the chorus sung in this song?

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#12   Who sings this song?




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