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Me, Myself, & Chocolate

Do you have dreams of rolling around and being covered in chocolate? If you do, this quiz is for you.


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#1   In the past, cocoa beans have been used as currency and units of calculation.

#2   During the 18th century, chocolate was used for its ________ qualities.

#3   By strict definition, which one is not considered true chocolate?

#4   The fruits of a cocoa tree take the shape of _____ and are very colorful, ranging from deep red to bright yellow.

#5   In 1785, Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams making a statement about chocolate's superiority over _____ or _____ for both health and nourishment.

#6   Hershey was the first company to manufacture chocolate.

#7   In the Alfred Hitchcock film "Psycho", they used chocolate syrup for the 45-second shower scene.

#8   Which chocolate treat is usually a small, baked cake slice sometimes topped with powdered sugar?

#9   Which is an example of a chocolate treat that is typically round, baked, and filled with little chocolate chips?

#10   Which chocolate treat is usually bite-size and in the shape of a teardrop?




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