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Are You A Pirate?

Test your knowledge about pirates to see if you can become the captain of your ship.


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Created By:grilledcheese


#1   The flag that pirate ships wave to show their identity is called a Jolly _____.

#2   What letter of the alphabet is associated with finding treasure?

#3   What kind of bird usually sits on a pirate's shoulder?

#4   In the movie "Hook", what actor plays Peter Pan?

#5   Complete this well-known pirate saying: "Shiver me ______."

#6   Finish this movie title: "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black _____".

#7   Where do pirates spend most of their time?

#8   Which one of these pirates was a real pirate (not fictional)?

#9   When a pirate dies at sea, he is said to have gone to Davy Jones's Locker.

#10   Although the term "walking the plank" is associated with piracy, it never was used at sea.




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