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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

This quiz will test you not only on the show, but also will reveal how smart you really are!


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#1   Who is the host of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader"?

#2   If a contestant does not know the answer to a question, can he cheat off the 5th graders?

#3   If a contestant answers a question incorrectly and leaves with $25,000 or no money at all, what is that called?

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#4   If a contestant leaves the show with less than one million dollars but chooses to leave with his/her money, what is the specific term used?

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#5   If a contestant leaves with less than a million dollars, he/she will have to look into the camera and say:

#6   Answer this 3rd grade Science question: Do polar bears eat penguins?

#7   Answer this 2nd grade Math question: How many sides does a trapezoid have?

#8   Answer this 4th grade History question: Who was the first president to be impeached?

#9   Answer this 1st grade Art question: What color do you get when you mix equal parts of red and blue?

#10   Answer this 5th grade Social Studies question: What is the minimum age requirement for a U.S. representative?




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