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Super Sly Sloths

Silly sloths still climb super slow. See how you step up to this challenge.


Quiz ID:#137
Fun:*** (2.29)
Difficulty:*** (2.4)
Category:Nature > Animals
Created By:Shawnheyhey123


#1   What is the normal speed of a sloth?

#2   In immediate danger, how fast can a sloth move?

#3   How long does a sloth sleep per day?

#4   Sloths are what kind of eaters?

#5   A sloth's digestive process takes how long?

#6   How long is a Sloth's tail?

#7   Sloths are bad swimmers.

#8   What is the cause of the majority of deaths of sloths (in Costa Rica)?

#9   While hanging on a tree branch upside-down, if they are shot and killed, they will stay hanging on the branch.

#10   A baby sloth that falls from its mother's back will most likely survive. If it dies, it most likely dies from impact.




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