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Animals in the Bible

Animals appear frequently in the Bible. See if you remember what animal occurs in these situations.


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#1   In the Garden of Eden, what animal tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit?

#2   When Noah sent a raven out from the ark, it returned with a branch from an olive tree in its mouth.

#3   When David was a little boy, what kind of animals did he take care of?

#4   Because he prayed to God, Daniel was thrown into a den of _____.

#5   When Jonah tried to run away, God caused an animal to swallow him. Although commonly thought of as a whale, the Bible calls it a great fish.

#6   In his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus rode upon a _____.

#7   When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit came down from heaven in the form of a bird. What was the bird?

#8   Jesus told a story about a lost animal - one out of a hundred. What kind of animal was lost?

#9   After spending all his money, the prodigal son found work feeding _____.

#10   After Peter denied Jesus three times, an animal made a loud noise. What kind of animal was it?




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