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See how much you know about very well known dogs, both animated and real life dogs.


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#1   This Great Dane loves to eat and solve mysteries, despite his tremendous cowardice.

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#2   This Beagle loves to knit, read the newspaper, and cook. He is also very loyal to his owner, despite all of his contraptions blowing up in his face.

#3   In the movie "Eight Below", what breed are the dogs that were used in the film?

#4   What is the name of the ghost dog with a jack o' lantern nose in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

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#5   This dog was formerly Superman's pet and had all the powers of Superman. Some of his powers were heightened due to being a dog, such as his super hearing and sense of smell.

#6   This very famous Beagle is part of the Peanuts Gang and has Charlie Brown for a best friend.

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#7   What breed of dog was used in the Taco Bell advertisements?

#8   This very famous Collie has starred in its own movies, radio shows, TV shows, and books from 1938 to the present day.

#9   What is the name of Frasier and Martin's dog on the TV show "Frasier"?

#10   This animated Disney dog has human characteristics and is one of Mickey Mouse's best friends. He is also in the "Kingdom Hearts" video game series.




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