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Tintin in America

How much do you know about Tintin and his adventures in America? Take this quiz to find out!


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Created By:Anushka


#1   What year did gangsters rule the city?

#2   What gas did the gangsters use to knock Tintin out?

#3   What was the name of the man who turned the Red Indians against Tintin?

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#4   The man who turned the Red Indian's against Tintin hired a man to kill Tintin. What prank did Tintin pull to escape from death?

#5   What did the Red Indians lose when trying to attack Tintin?

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#6   What is Tintin's dog's name?

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#7   What did Tintin strike near the Red Indian's land?

#8   Snowy was held ransom.

#9   What was the name of the man that was the strongest person in the whole world?

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#10   When the thieves attached a dumbbell to Tintin's leg, did Tintin drown?




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