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Seussical The Musical

How well do you know Seuss?


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#1   What main character is the "host" or narrator in most of the show?

#2   Which two characters sing about how alone they are in the universe?

#3   Who tells Gertrude about the pills that doctor Dake by the lake has so she can grow her tail?

#4   Which character gets sent marching to war after he overflows the tub?

#5   Who steals Horton's clover to hand it off to a black bottomed eagle?

#6   Who tricks Horton into sitting on her egg?

#7   Complete the lyrics..."This might be a pool like I've read of in books. Connected to one of those ___________ ______."

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#8   In the Who's Christmas scene who is a "little" tipsy?

#9   Which character is in love with Horton the Elephant?

#10   Jojo is killed in the war and his parents are very upset about it.




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