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Horror Movies 2

I will give you a description of a horror movie, and you will choose an answer based on that description. Good luck!


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#1   This horror movie, made in 1931, features the famous quote, "It's alive!"

#2   In this movie, a newlywed couple moves into a new house where a murder was previously committed. Weird things go on, like their daughter making a strange imaginary friend.

#3   Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this movie about a house in Tokyo with a supernatural curse which kills anyone who goes inside.

#4   In this movie, a family gets stranded in a desert. Psychotic people live there who stalk and kill the family.

#5   A crazed killer with a chainsaw kills a group of friends to feed his family.

#6   This movie is about a barber who seeks revenge after he returns home from being shipped away for a crime he didn't commit.

#7   Freddy Krueger haunts the dreams of his victims in this 1984 movie.

#8   A group of zombies try to eat the brains of people who take refuge in a local mall.

#9   This movie, featuring Haley Joel Osment, is about a boy who can see dead people.

#10   This movie is about a demonic clown who terrorizes a town in Maine. It's up to seven kids to save the town.




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