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"The Andy Griffith Show"

Let's go to Mayberry!


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Created By:valerodale


#1   How many bullets was Barney allowed to have in his gun?

#2   In the introduction to "The Andy Griffith Show", Andy and Opie are going to do what?

#3   The town of Mayberry had how many jail cells?

#4   What did Andy like to do on his porch with Aunt Bee?

#5   What kind of gun did Andy Taylor carry on a daily basis?

#6   Opie's hair was what color?

#7   How much was a gallon of gas in the little town of Mayberry?

#8   The town drunk, Otis, liked to drink what?

#9   How many bars were in Mayberry?

#10   Barney was married.




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