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"MapleStory" Questions

Test yourself with some simple questions on "MapleStory".


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#1   The place to become a magician is Henesys.

#2   What is one of the 2 cities on Victoria Island that you can get into the Free Market from?

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#3   In "MapleStory" what level do you have to be to be a Shadower?

#4   Who do you speak to to become a Magician?

#5   You have to be at least Level 35 to equip a Maple Staff.

#6   Where was "MapleStory" created?

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#7   At level 30 as a magician you can become a Wizard (F/P), Wizard (I/L), and a ______?

#8   What is the name of currency used in "MapleStory"?

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#9   The names of the different worlds are: Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia, Khaini, Bellocan, Mardia, and Kradia.

#10   One of the most popular "MapleStory" character simulators is named?




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