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Gaelic Football

How well do you know one of the two great sports played by real Irishmen?


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#1   Who won the first All-Ireland?

#2   A solo in Gaelic football is...

#3   A hop in Gaelic football is...

#4   GAA stands for Gaelic ________ Association.

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#5   How many steps can you take before taking a hop or solo?

#6   Who was the first team to win the All-Ireland in Gaelic football and Gaelic hurling?

#7   In 2007, Stephen Cluxton was Dublin's first choice keeper.

#8   If the ball hits a defender before it goes wide, the opponents get a free kick from 55-yards out.

#9   Bernard Brogan established the GAA.

#10   The captain for the first All-Ireland Football champion team was...

#11   How many points do you get if you score a goal.

#12   Croke Park was named after Father Croke.




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