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Don McLean's "American Pie" - Annotated

This haunting gem of classic rock has numerous lyrics up for interpretation. Please enjoy the quiz, and enjoy the extra facts that tell a hidden story of "American Pie". Special thanks to Grilledcheese for coauthoring this quiz.


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#1   Complete the lyric: "A long, long time ago.../ I can still remember how That music used to make me ____".

#2   Is this lyric correct: "And I knew if I had my shot,/ That I could make those people bop,/ And maybe they'd be happy for a while"?

#3   Complete the lyric: "But February made me shiver,/ With every _____ I'd deliver".

#4   Is this lyric correct: "Bad news on the doorstep.../ I couldn't take one more step./ I can't remember if I cried/ When I read about his widowed bride"?

#5   Complete the lyric: "But something touched me deep inside,/ The day the music ____".

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#6   Complete the lyric: "Bye bye ____ American Pie".

#7   What were the "good ol' boys" drinking in this song? ______ and ___. (Fill one blank or the other.)

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#8   Is this lyric correct: "Have you read the book of love,/ And do you have faith in God above,/ If the Bible tells you so?"

#9   Complete the lyric: "Well I know that you're in love with him/ 'Cause I saw you ______ in the gym/ You both kicked off your shoes/ Man, I dig those rhythm 'n' blues".

#10   These lyrics are correct: "I was a lonely teenage broncin' buck/ With a pink carnation and a pickup truck".




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