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Organ Systems Working Together

The human body functions thanks to many organs with different roles.


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#1   What two systems work together to provide your cells with oxygen, and to get rid of gaseous waste products like carbon dioxide?

#2   What systems provide a framework for movement?

#3   What two systems work together to provide your cells with nutrients?

#4   The appendix is an essential part of the endocrine system, and works with the renal system.

#5   The endocrine system can change the activity of many of the organ systems in the human body.

#6   This cardiovascular system works to bring substances from parts of the gastrointestinal system to the liver in order to be processed before they go to the heart for general circulation.

#7   Which two systems work together to send messages to organs and other parts of the body?

#8   What other system is necessary in order for the cardiovascular system to perform its most basic function?

#9   You are holding your breath and carbon dioxide levels are getting dangerously high in comparison with your low oxygen levels. What two systems will work hard to regain balance?

#10   What two other systems are necessary for the digestive system to work as well as it does?

#11   What do epinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin have in common? They are all:




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