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TV in the '80s

Did you watch a lot of TV in the 1980s? Are you a fan of reruns? From the clues given, guess the names of these classic shows.


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#1   A divorced mother of two boys is drawn into the world of international espionage by a handsome man in a tuxedo. What show is this?

#2   A mystery writer travels the country promoting her novels. She continually finds herself solving actual murder mysteries. What show is this?

#3   Henry and Kip have nowhere to live. Their female friend suggests they dress up as women to stay at a women-only residence. What show is this?

#4   What is the name of the sitcom that is about the humorous lives of various New York City cab drivers?

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#5   Dr. Sam Beckett travels through time in an attempt to change history for the better. What show is this?

#6   A former cop is recruited to fight crime using a car fitted with artificial intelligence. What show is this?

#7   What is the name of the show which is about the lives of several girls attending Eastland School?

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#8   "CHiPs" was a show about members of the California Highway Patrol.

#9   "Empty Nest" was a spin-off of the hit series "Full House".

#10   Dr. David Banner is a scientist whose experiment involving gamma radiation goes wrong. What show is this?




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