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The Princesses of Disney

Give the name of the Disney princess each description refers to.


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#1   I am the princess of Agrabah and fall in love with a street rat. Who am I?

#2   I have to do all the chores in my home, but one day I am rescued by my fairy godmother and fall in love with my prince. Who am I?

#3   I live under the sea and am in love with Prince Eric. I long to be "part of your world". Who am I?

#4   My name means "Beauty", and I help save a prince from a spell. Who am I?

#5   I live with seven dwarfs and take a bite of a poisoned apple. Who am I?

#6   I get put under a curse that makes me sleep until my true love kisses me. I am also known as Aurora. Who am I?

#7   I live in Andalasia and find myself in a strange place called New York City. Who am I?

#8   Although I am not an actual princess, I go to the jungle to do a research project, but I find myself falling in love with a strange ape-man. Who am I?

#9   I live in China and dress up as a man so my father won't have to go to war. Who am I?

#10   I am Native American, and I fall in love with an English man named John Smith. Who am I?




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