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"The Princess Bride" - Challenge of Wits - Round 2

This battle of wits has gone into extra innings. This should challenge even the most dedicated fan of the film. Can you win out?


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Created By:Hrsemn4


#1   What cliffs do Fezzik and Westley scale?

#2   Why did Inigo's father refuse to give the six-fingered man the sword he asked for?

#3   According to Vizzini, where does iocane powder come from?

#4   What does Vizzini call Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates?

#5   Who is revealed to be the six-fingered man?

#6   What is the six-fingered man's first name?

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#7   Where is Westley taken after being knocked out by the six-fingered man?

#8   What is the highest setting on the six-fingered man's Machine?

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#9   What is the miracle pill coated with?

#10   According to Miracle Max, when you rush a miracle man, what do you get?

#11   When Westley refuses to fight Humperdinck "to the death", what does Westley suggest instead? "To the ____."

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#12   When Westley describes what he will do to Humperdinck, what does he say he will NOT cut off?

#13   What is the last spoken line of the film? (Hint: It's spoken by the Grandfather.)




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