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"The World Ends With You" Quiz

Here's the quiz of the game, The World Ends with You, on DS!


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Fun:** (1.43)
Difficulty:*** (2.37)
Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:Lanxal


#1   What is the main character's name?

#2   Which of the following is the relationship between Beat and Rhyme?

#3   Mr. Hanekoma is the Producer of the Reaper's Game.

#4   How long does a "Reaper's Game" go for?

#5   What is the universal trait of the Reapers?

#6   Neku's first entry fee was his brother.

#7   What is the final boss-noise of the main storyline?

#8   What class does the pin "Excalibur" go in?

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#9   Towa Records is right before Cat Street mapwise.

#10   Noise Number 96 is:




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