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Anne Boleyn

Test your knowledge on this much maligned queen.


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#1   Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII's ________ wife.

#2   Anne was educated at the English court.

#3   Many people believe that Anne was afflicted with what deformity?

#4   Anne's sister, Mary, was a mistress of Henry VIII.

#5   Anne was the mother of how many of Henry's surviving children?

#6   Before marrying her, Henry gave what title to Anne?

#7   What member of Anne's family was executed two days before Anne?

#8   Instead of the regular English axeman, a French swordsman was used to behead Anne.

#9   Before Anne's death, Henry VIII began an affair with which of Anne's ladies-in-waiting?

#10   In 2008, a movie about Anne and her sister was released. What is the name of this movie?




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