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Deep in The Hundred Acre Wood.....

Do you know who these different characters are from the show "Winnie the Pooh"?


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#1   Who is the pink character that is shy and timid?

#2   Who is the underground burrowing character that talks with a whistle when he makes an "s" sound?

#3   This character LOVES "hunny" (honey). He wears a red shirt and always has a rumbly in his tummy.

#4   Bouncing is what this character says he does best.

#5   This is the wise character that is usually sleeping up in his tree house.

#6   This character is known for growing gardens. He especially likes growing carrots.

#7   This gloomy character has a tendency to lose his tail, and his house seems to always be falling down.

#8   This character is friends with Tigger. His mom is always sending the two of them off to play. Who is the friend/son?

#9   This boy helps Winnie the Pooh when he wants to get "hunny" (honey).

#10   This character is usually seen outside hanging out the clothes or baking cookies inside. She often sends her son off to play with Tigger.




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