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Guessing the Asian Country!

I will give you a description of an Asian country and you try to guess which one it is!


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#1   I am an island off the southern coast of India. My capital is Colombo. Our currency is Rupee. What am I?

#2   I am one of the few Asian countries that border Russia. My capital is Astana. A few of my neighbors are Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. What am I?

#3   I am a small country with the same name as one of the United States. I border the Black Sea and Turkey. My capital is T'bilisi. What am I?

#4   I am a country that borders China and India. I am home to Mt. Everest. My capital is Kathmandu. What am I?

#5   I border three countries, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. My capital is Phnom Penh. My people speak Khmer. What am I?

#6   I am the country with the largest population of humans in the world. My largest city is Shanghai. I am the second largest country in Asia. What am I?

#7   I am a country that borders Russia and China. I am the second largest landlocked country in the world. My largest city and capital is Ulan Bator. What am I?

#8   My people speak Arabic. Jebel Shams is my highest point. My capital is Muscat. What am I?

#9   Not only am I the largest country in Asia, but I am also the largest country in the world. I have about 11 different time zones. What am I?

#10   I am the world's seventh largest country and the second most populous. My national anthem is Jana Gana Mana. What am I?




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