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Kings, Queens, and Dictators

Throughout history, there have been many notable kings, queens, and dictators. See if you can match up the clues with the person they describe.


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#1   What monarch separated England from the Catholic Church, creating the Church of England?

#2   What European dictator wrote the book "Mein Kampf"?

#3   What French monarch is commonly known as "Le Roi de Soleil", or "The Sun King"?

#4   What French queen is erroneously famous for responding "Let them eat cake", when told that her subjects had no bread to eat?

#5   What English monarch was so known for persecuting Protestants that she was nicknamed "Bloody"?

#6   What queen was kept prisoner and later executed by her cousin, Elizabeth I?

#7   What French dictator crowned himself the first Emperor of France?

#8   Who proclaimed himself Emperor of France after Napoleon Bonaparte?

#9   What Austrian-born dictator is responsible for the mass murder of many Jewish people?

#10   What dictator was the leader of Fascist Italy and ally to Adolf Hitler?




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