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Clone High

This was a very funny, yet not widely known TV show. How much do you know about it?


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#1   Who was not a main character?

#2   This show was cancelled because relatives of the characters were getting angry.

#3   Abraham Lincoln had a crush on _______ for most of the first season.

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#4   Gandhi had ADD and ADHD in the show.

#5   Mr. Butlertron was created by:

#6   A dolphin is in every episode of "Clone High".

#7   The Student Body's elected president is ________.

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#8   Gandhi's foster parents were:

#9   Mr. Butlertron calls everybody by the name _______.

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#10   All characters with speaking lines featured in the show were in the conga line in the final episode, even if they had been killed in a previous or even the same episode.




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