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Circulatory System

Have you ever thought about what is moving around inside you? Test your knowledge and learn a few things too.


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#1   The heart has four chambers: the left and right _____, and the left and right ventricle.

#2   All blood flowing from the heart is oxygenated, while all blood flowing to the heart is de-oxygenated.

#3   Blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called _____.

#4   Blood vessels that carry blood back toward the heart are called _____.

#5   The smallest blood vessels are _____.

#6   The largest artery in the human body is the _____.

#7   When at rest, the average adult heart beats _____ times per minute.

#8   Blood circulates through your whole body in about _____.

#9   A sphygmomanometer can be used to measure _____.

#10   The circulatory system moves two main fluids around the body, blood and _____.




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