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The Holocaust

This quiz is about the Jewish prisoners of the Holocaust. Test your knowledge on one of the most famous and dark times in history.


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#1   Approximately six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust.

#2   The "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" is what Nazis called the genocide of the Jews.

#3   One of the most infamous concentration camps was named:

#4   Dr. Josef Mengele, who worked in ____, conducted experiments on Jews.

#5   Jewish prisoners were usually transported by rail freight cars. The conditions were so bad that some Jews didn't make it to the destination alive.

#6   In what year did the Soviets start liberating the Jews from the concentration camps?

#7   Who wrote the novel "Night", which is about a Jewish boy who survived the Holocaust?

#8   The majority of Jews were killed in ___ chambers.

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#9   96 Jewish prisoners were killed by a ____ squad on June 6, 1944.

#10   Typhus spread about a year after Jewish ____ was/were created.




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