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Chemical Compounds

This quiz will test your knowledge of some common chemical compounds.


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Created By:AndrewWalker


#1   Nitrous oxide is also known as ____.

#2   Dihydrous monoxide is also known as _____.

#3   Sodium bicarbonate is a common household item. What is it more commonly known as?

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#4   Table salt is also called ____.

#5   Sodium hydroxide has a pH of 12 (at a concentration of 1 mol/dm^3).

#6   Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is found inside the human body.

#7   What would you get if you mixed hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide?

#8   Glucose has 5 atoms of carbon per molecule.

#9   CH3COOH is found in which of the following foods?

#10   Water is a chemical.




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