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The "Twilight" Series

This is a quiz about "Twilight", "New Moon", and "Eclipse".


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Category:Literature > Fantasy
Created By:reader69


#1   Why does Rosalie hate Bella?

#2   In "New Moon", what does Jacob want to prove to Bella with a knife found in the glove box of Jacob's Rabbit?

#3   In "Twilight", where was RenĂ©e when Bella woke up in the hospital?

#4   In "Eclipse", what did Bella say while sleeping that disturbed Edward?

#5   What is Bella's favorite sport?

#6   In "New Moon", Alice bribes the guard to let her and Bella into Volterra. What was the bill on the outside of the wad?

#7   In which book does Edward ask Bella to marry him for the very first time?

#8   In "Twilight", Edward takes Bella to meet his family. Alice asks Edward if he is eating Bella for ______.

#9   At the end of "Eclipse", what does Bella agree to do?

#10   In "New Moon", what does Bella ask Alice to do on the plane?




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