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Sports Superstitions

How much do you know about sports superstitions?


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#1   It is said that, when playing baseball, if you spit in your hand and then pick up the bat, it will bring you good luck.

#2   In baseball, lending a bat to a fellow player will bring good luck.

#3   In baseball, it is good luck if a dog walks across the baseball diamond before the first pitch of the game.

#4   In basketball, if you bounce the ball before taking a foul shot, it will bring you good luck.

#5   It is said to bring you good luck when you put your right foot in the stirrup before the left one while competing in a rodeo.

#6   If you want to continue a winning streak when bowling, wear the same clothes each time you bowl.

#7   When playing football, double numbers on a player's uniform will bring bad luck.

#8   A football mascot is an important good luck symbol.

#9   If you hold more than two balls at the same time when serving in tennis, it will bring you good luck.

#10   Ice Hockey players tap the goalie on his shin pads before the game as it is believed it will help them win the game.




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