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Kings, Queens, and Dictators II

Throughout history, there have been many notable kings, queens, and dictators. See if you can match up the clues with the person they describe.


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#1   The tomb of what famous ruler of Egypt, who died as a very young man, was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter?

#2   What ruler from Macedonia is famous for defeating the mighty Persian Empire and for uniting lands from as far west as Greece and Egypt to as far east as India?

#3   What person, often considered ruthless and barbarian by his enemies, was the first ruler of the Mongols to create a large empire which stretched from the Caspian Sea to Beijing?

#4   What man, the subject of a play by William Shakespeare, became the first Roman dictator and was later betrayed and assassinated by a friend?

#5   What Korean leader, easily recognizable by his short stature and very large glasses, is the head of a very restrictive communist regime and is generally considered an enemy of the United States?

#6   What ruler, known for his civil rights violations and his two equally brutal sons, conducted a decade-long war with Iran, invaded Kuwait, and was later deposed by a coalition led by the United States?

#7   What ruler, considered to be the greatest pharaoh of Egypt, is known for the impressive monuments at the archaeological complex of Abu Simbel and the mortuary temple known as the Ramesseum?

#8   What leader of Libya, who created a government based on Arab nationalism, revolutionary socialism, and Islamic orthodoxy, has been known for his widespread support of terrorism and anti-Western sentiment?

#9   What leader of Cambodia transformed that nation's government into a Communist regime dubbed "Democratic Kampuchea" and was known for his violence and ruthlessness?

#10   What czar of Russia, the last czar, was shot to death with his family and servants in a basement in 1918?




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