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"A Pacific Romance"

Test your knowledge on the original lyrics of this song!


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#1   The band that sings this song is ___ ___.

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#2   Complete the lyrics. "And the ___ ends, where your body starts."

#3   The following lyrics are correct. "And the ring remains, as we follow footsteps we made."

#4   Fill in the blank. "I am ___ with my heart again."

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#5   The album that the song, "A Pacific Romance" is on ___.

#6   Complete this lyric. "And you ___ away."

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#7   Complete the lyrics. "And when the city lights are so ___ that they blind you."

#8   The band who sings "A Pacific Romance" originated from Jacksonville, Florida.

#9   Complete the lyrics. "And when the ___ will turn, and you will ___ to me."

#10   The last lyric of the song "A Pacific Romance" is "Just remember your hand was meant for mine".




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