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Guess the Animal

I'll give you a brief description of an animal. See if you can choose the correct animal from the choices given.


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#1   I am a mammal that lives under the water. I look like a large fish, but I breathe air. I have teeth and a snout that looks like a beak. Some of my relatives live in large rivers in Asia and South America. What am I?

#2   I am a mammal with long pointed ears, short front legs, and big powerful back legs. I use my large tail to balance when I am hopping. I live in Australia and New Guinea. What am I?

#3   I am a large ape that lives in the rain forest of a few south Asian Islands. I have red-brown fur and long arms. I spend most of my time in trees. I am a kind of primate, and also endangered. What am I?

#4   I am a mammal that lives in the African rain forests. I am in the group of primate mammals called apes. I am related to, but smaller than, gorillas. I am very intelligent and sometimes I use tools to get food. What am I?

#5   I am a small mammal from the mountains of South America. I am a rodent closely related to guinea pigs. I have very soft fur and live in tunnels called burrows. Sometimes people keep me as a pet. What am I?

#6   I am a mammal with gray fur, round ears, and a short black nose. I live in trees, and only can be found in Australia. I am not related to true bears. What am I?

#7   I am a large, very strong mammal with short yellow-orange fur and black stripes. I am a carnivore and live in several parts of Asia. I am endangered in all my habitats. I am closely related to lions. What am I?

#8   I am a very lazy mammal and spend my entire life in trees, using my long claws to hang upside down. I live in the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. I move very slowly, and am related to armadillos. What am I?

#9   I am a large mammal with striped coat, long legs, and hooves. I am closely related to a horse but have a shorter mane. I live in large herds in Africa. I am in danger of becoming extinct. What am I?

#10   I am a small brown squirrel with a striped back and a flat bushy tail. I eat nuts, seeds, berries, and insects. I make underground burrows for sleeping and for storing foods. I live in North America and Asia. What am I?




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