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Tom Hanks Movies

Tom Hanks has starred in many movies, winning Oscars and other awards for quite a few of them. What do you know about the roles he has played?


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#1   Hanks plays this title character who, despite not being very bright, manages to find himself in the middle of all the most important events of his time.

#2   As an FBI agent tracking down a con artist, Tom Hanks stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in this Steven Spielberg production.

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#3   Tom Hanks plays the roles of six different characters in this family film for the holidays.

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#4   Tom Hanks plays Michael Sullivan, a crime boss, in "Road to Perdition".

#5   In this movie, Tom Hanks is stuck inside a building for nine months when his country's regime is overthrown.

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#6   "The Green Mile" stars Hanks as a death row prison guard.

#7   Tom Hanks plays an army officer in this critically acclaimed film set during World War II.

#8   Tom Hanks falls in love with Meg Ryan, his business rival, over the internet in this 1998 comedy-romance.

#9   In the movie "Cast Away", Tom Hanks becomes attached to a volleyball he finds inside a FedEx package. What did he name the volleyball?

#10   Hanks plays the adult version of a boy who wishes to be "___" at a magic wish machine.

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