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Sims, the Computer Game

This quiz is about the computer game Sims. It is going to test you on how much you know about the game.


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Created By:pandagrl20


#1   Plants keep what level up for Sims?

#2   Sims have their own language.

#3   What do Sims do when they are hungry?

#4   How do Sims get a job?

#5   When your Sim(s) first move in, people come and greet you.

#6   You can only have 3 Sims in your family.

#7   There is a Sims expansion game you can buy to have a pet.

#8   If a Sim does not take care of their children, they could get taken away.

#9   In the Sims game, the maid can only be a girl.

#10   Do Sim children go to school?




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