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From Sea to Sea 8

How well do you know the geography of the United States?


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#1   Two eastern states have major cities named Charleston. Please name one. (Do not use abbreviations.)

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#2   Would you expect to find a white-nosed coati in Alaska, Texas, or New Jersey?

#3   The highest known temperature in the U.S. was recorded in California.

#4   Are Louisiana's swampy waterways called bogs or bayous?

#5   Which plants grow wild on the American plains and prairies: sunflowers, cattails, or cranberries?

#6   Which is not a body of water: the Great Basin or the Gulf of Mexico?

#7   A current of winds blows from west to east across America. Is it called the gulf stream or the jet stream?

#8   Put these major cities in order from west to east: Grand Rapids, Seattle, Providence, and Bismarck.

#9   Would you expect to find bighorn sheep in the Rockies or on the Great Plains?

#10   Can you follow the Trail of a Hundred Giants in Death Valley or in the Sequoia National Forest?




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