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Celtic Thunder

This is a quiz about song lyrics, birthdays, and random trivia facts! Seeing the DVD's bonus features is a definite help, as there is at least one question pertaining to them.


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Created By:kaykay2495


#1   What is Damian's last name?

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#2   What is Paul's last name?

#3   Keith's last name is Kelly.

#4   What is Ryan's last name?

#5   What is George's last name?

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#6   Which song is sung by Keith?

#7   What is the correct lyric for "Young Love"?

#8   What's the lyric? "Now the sun's __ __ __."

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#9   Damian told his interviewers for the Celtic Thunder DVD that he thanked his school for "learning" him Gaelic.

#10   Keith likes to snowboard.

#11   What country does George come from?

#12   Which singer wrote a song about his sister that was put into the arrangement for the Celtic Thunder concert?

#13   In the music video for "The Island", the girl crying with the red hair is Keith's wife.

#14   Ryan plays the bad guy. Who plays his opposite?

#15   Ryan was a bellhop before he joined Celtic Thunder.




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