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Before They Were Movies- Biopics

These biopics were named after famous songs of the artists. Do you know them?


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#1   "La Bamba" is the title of the biopic about this 1950s singer:

#2   "Great Balls of Fire" tells the story of this singer and his thirteen-year-old bride:

#3   "Beyond the Sea" is the biopic of this crooner:

#4   "Coal Miner's Daughter" tells the story of this female country-western singer:

#5   "Sweet Dreams" is a movie with Jessica Lange portraying this singer:

#6   In "What's Love Got to Do With It", Angela Bassett plays this singer:

#7   "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" is the biopic of Frankie Lymon and the ____________.

#8   "Your Cheatin' Heart" is a 1964 biopic of this country-western icon:

#9   The song "I Walk the Line" was shortened to "Walk the Line" for the biopic of this singer:

#10   In "Lady Sings the Blues", Diana Ross plays this jazz singer:




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