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Chemical Reactions

Grow, ripen, decay, and burn describe chemical reactions you see every day. Your health is due to chemical reactions inside your body. How well do you know about different types of chemical reactions?


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#1   An equation can be balanced by putting numbers, called _______, in front of the chemical formulas.

#2   Reactions are (quicker, slower) at higher pressure than at lower pressure.

#3   Massive, bulky molecules react more (quickly, slowly) than smaller molecules.

#4   What is a substance that changes the rate of chemical reactions without being consumed called?

#5   What is an enzyme?

#6   A radical is a covalent bond that has been broken, leaving unpaired electrons on molecule fragments.

#7   Reactions almost always involve more than 1 or 2 atoms.

#8   Concentrated solutions react (more, less) quickly than less concentrated solutions.

#9   An empirical formula is the simplest formula telling the smallest whole-number ratio of atoms in a compound.

#10   A molecular formula is a formula telling the actual number of atoms in one molecule of a compound.




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