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The Stories of Stephen King - The Basics

An acknowledged master storyteller, Stephen King's work has been in print and film form since 1976.


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#1   In "It", the monster could take on more than one form, but was perhaps most recognizable or memorable in the shape of a clown. What was the clown's name?

#2   A jealous vehicle, this car was not above acting on its own when it came to hurting or killing those who upset it or its owner.

#3   Young Danny Torrance had a special "gift". He could see or feel ghosts and communicate telepathically. What was Danny's "gift" called?

#4   After a seeming lifetime of being an outcast among her peers, she let loose her frustrations and supernatural powers at her high school prom.

#5   This dog wasn't just mad, he was rabid!

#6   A cat named Church wound up where before returning home again?

#7   An old woman named Abagail Freemantle led a group of survivors across North America through dreams and in person. At the same time, a darker figure used the same method to lure less wholesome individuals to Las Vegas. What story has been described?

#8   Andy Dufresne was an innocent man convicted of killing his wife. Eventually, Andy escaped from what prison?

#9   What nickname was given to part of Cold Mountain Penitentiary's death row?

#10   What breed of dog was Cujo?

#11   Where did the children in "It" go to confront the story's monster?

#12   What liquid was dumped on Carrie as a final attempt to humiliate her?




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