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Notes from the Barrio #1

The Philippines is composed of 17 political regions, 82 provinces, 135 cities, 1,493 municipalities, and approximately 42,000 barangays or barrios (Spanish). The barangay is the smallest political division of the country. Each barangay shares its own history and it is within the barangays where the beauty of the Philippines and its people truly resides.


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#1   Where is the Philippines' "City of Pines" located?"

#2   During the Spanish colonial period, which area was referred to as "Imperial Manila"?

#3   During the Philippine Revolution, how many provinces first revolted against Spain?

#4   What Philippine island is derived from a Chinese term which literally means "Land of Beautiful Harbors"?

#5   What Philippine island is derived from the Spanish term for "gold mine"?

#6   What Philippine island was historically called "Gran Molucas" or "Greater Mollucas"?

#7   What Philippine destination comes from two native terms which means "a long reef exposed at low tide"?

#8   On which tectonic plate does the Philippines sit?

#9   What Philippine island was formerly named "Nueva Castilla" during the Spanish period?

#10   Great Britain occupied Manila.




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