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Logical Reasoning

Are you logical? Try this quiz on logic! Don't be tricked, though!


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Created By:EnderofGames


#1   You look in a mirror and see a digital clock, and it seems to read 02:01. This means that if you look at the clock, it should read 10:20.

#2   I have six brothers and sisters. True or False?

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#3   A few friends are throwing javelins. Bob throws his 5 yards, Bill throws his 4 1/2 yards, Ralph throws his 5 yards, and Sue throws hers 6 1/2 yards. How many feet did they throw altogether?

#4   You look and see a 24-hour digital clock, that reads 22:55. If you look in a mirror at the clock, it will read 22:55 also.

#5   Ten people are in a room, and one has a very contagious cold. An hour later, half the people have the cold. How many people in the room have caught the cold?

#6   A grape tree grows at a rate of 0.2 of an inch a day. If it starts at 5 inches, how long will it take to grow to 15 inches?

#7   Those same friends from earlier are throwing javelins again. The distances are now: Bob: 6 yards, Bill: 5 1/4 yards, Sue: 6 1/2 yards, and Bill: 5 1/4 yards. How many yards did they throw together?

#8   A plane crashes on the border of Canada and the U.S. Where do you bury the survivors?

#9   Spell my name.

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#10   You fall into the Dead Sea. What are you now?

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