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Microsoft Office Assistants

The Office Assistant is a Microsoft Office feature intended to assist with Office wizards, display tips, and show keyboard shortcuts. How well do you know the Microsoft Office Assistants?


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Category:Technology > Computers


#1   Possibly the most famous, this Office Assistant is a paperclip.

#2   "The Dot" is displayed as a round smiley. What color is it?

#3   The "F1" Office Assistant is a:

#4   The Microsoft Office Logo is also an Office Assistant. It is displayed as four puzzle pieces interlocked. What are the four main colors of the logo?

#5   Merlin is a wizard dressed in blue robes. On his robes are gold symbols. What are these symbols?

#6   Mother Nature is another Office Assistant. What does the icon look like?

#7   Which Office Assistant is the butler?

#8   What is the genie's name?

#9   What is Max?

#10   "Genius" is a caricature of:




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